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101 in 1001

For my first post of 2013 (...I apologize for it already being the 8th!) I decided to create a 101 in 1001 list inspired by Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling. The list is 101 things I would like to accomplish in 1001 days (2.75 years). As Mackenzie explained, "it's a happy medium between a to do list and keeping a bucket list." And perfectly, the 1001 days is up on my birthday! Here we go!

1. Graduate from the University of Texas with a Bachelor's in Public Relations.
2. Become certified through ACC or NEWAP.
3. Go skydiving.
4. Improve this blog's design.
5. Invest in a nice camera.
6. Visit my best friend in Virginia. {Mikenzie in February 2013}
7. Move out of an apartment and into a house.
8. Attend an event professionals conference.
9. Celebrate my 21st in Vegas.
10. Get my concealed handgun license.
11. Run another half marathon - but in under two hours and nineteen minutes.
12. See a Cowboys game with Tanner in the new stadium.
13. Take a flower arranging class.
14. Adopt a puppy from Austin Pets Alive.
15. Find the perfect little black dress.
16. Visit New Orleans.
17. Get hired by an event coordination and design company in Austin.
18. Vacation with Tanner somewhere out of the country.
19. Take a calligraphy class.
20. Take my Mom wine-tasting in Fredricksburg.
21. Find the perfect desk chair.
22. Start paying off student loan debt.
23. Invest in a Kitchaid mixer.
24. Visit my grandparents in Oklahoma at least four times a year. {1/4 for 2013}
25. Go to the horse races.
26. Get a wedding published by Southern Weddings Magazine.
27. Get a wedding published by Style Me Pretty.
28. Meet Mindy Weiss. 
29. Try five new foods.
30. Buy a Mac.
31. Purchase and learn Photoshop.
32. See Jimmy Buffett live. 
33. Learn how to do a perfect smokey eye.
34. Buy a piece of furniture from Pottery Barn.
35. Improve my posture.
36. Throw a dinner party.
37. Learn to play poker - or more importantly, a poker face.
38. Watch every movie nominated for Best Picture. {1/9 for 2013}
39. Finish an entire year devotional.
40. Purchase a new, nice, adult sofa.
41. Spend a weekend at a Bed and Breakfast.
42. Start a garden of flowers.
43. Learn to grill.
44. Have a celebrity sighting in Austin.
45. Go stand up paddle boarding.
46. Purchase two more pairs of boots.
47. Go to five Rangers games with Tanner.
48. Inherit jewelry. {Grandma's Pearl Earrings in January 2012}
49. Touch up my tattoo.
50. Take Tanner beer tasting.
51. Organize a better way to keep/showcase my jewelry.
52. Throw BG an awesome 18th birthday.
53. Update my resume. {January 2012}
54. Buy a car.
55. Send 50 just because notes.
56. Get regular facials.
57. Pay myself first after each paycheck.
58. Have a real Christmas tree in my house.
59. Go a month without buying fast food.
60. Have professional photos done with the family.
61. Visit 30 new restaurants in Austin.
62. Buy a new mattress.
63. Get a real New Year's Eve kiss.
64. Attend the Red River Rivalry.
65. Own a David Yurman piece.
66. Read 20 books outside of school work.
67. Visit Nashville again and see ten new things.
68. Buy a lottery ticket.
69. Go skiing.
70. Master a yoga pose I currently cannot do.
71. Stop buying magazines and digitally subscribe to them. {On my new iPad in February 2013}
72. Float the river with friends.
73. Learn how to fishtail braid.
74. Become a registered organ donor.
75. Complete a recipe from each one of my cookbooks.
76. Start collecting crosses for a wall of crosses.
77. Invest in designer black pumps.
78. Make above a 3.5 at least one semester.
79. Refrain from buying any clothes/shoes for a month.
80. Increase my personalized stationary collection.
81. Get my car professionally cleaned.
82. Buy a gorgeous cake stand.
83. Go on four Port Aransas trips with my Dad.
84. Try ice skating for the first time.
85. See a live comedy show. {Cap City Comedy in January 2013}
86. Invest in a Ralph Lauren piece I can't live without.
87. Stay a night at the Driskill Hotel.
88. Finally kill my first deer.
89. Increase my professional wardrobe.
90. Finish the Business Foundations Certificate with my degree.
91. Get a matching tattoo with BG.
92. Take Tanner to my Family Reunion in Oklahoma.
93. Get a "yearbook" of pictures made each year.
94. Watch BG graduate from high school.
95. Help BG move into college.
96. Get my TABC license.
97. Host a holiday at my house.
98. Start a new tradition.
99. Celebrate completing this and my 23rd birthday with a HUGE party.
100. Write a new 101 in 1001 on October 7, 2015.
101. Inspire somebody else to write their list! {Mikenzie January 2013}


  1. I do #38 each year with a friend of mine :) it's become our tradition, even if we can't see them all together! Best of luck!

    Blonde in this City

  2. I've always wanted to do #13 and #38! Good luck with your list!



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